Why so quiet?

Relax, all. I’m still here.

I may have been a little absent over the last week on social media…some may have suspected I’d disappeared, or was sleeping off the celebration of the book launch.

Well, neither is true. In fact, I’ve been busy.

I’m a big supporter of kids getting to do exciting/interesting stuff. In particular, I have had an active involvement with Stoke Youth Musical Theatre Company in Stoke on Trent for some time now. Over the last week, they have been putting on the musical Legally Blonde; this has involved me in painting the scenery for the show, followed by joining the back stage crew during the performances.

Which has taken up every evening and both of the last two weekends.

Here are two of the scenes from the show as painted by yours truly:


Today was going to be a rest from painting, but I was called up last thing to paint some scenery for Five Towns Theatre who are doing “Into The Woods”. Here’s a castle window I painted this morning:

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