Whiteboard videos – the new thing

Since lockdown, everyone is spending more time on social media, both in a personal and a business way. It seems the social media field is getting quite crowded with posts jostling for your attention.

So what grabs attention? There have been many posts using memes which use short clips from films. This has, in my opinion, been rather overused – so much so that they are getting a bit boring now.

However, whiteboard animations (like the one below) are still uncommon enough to be eye-catching. There are some very good options out there for DIY solutions to produce these: Doodly, for example, is very user-friendly and, at the time of my writing this, is inexpensive to buy. The only trouble with Doodly is that it uses stock characters that are exactly the same in every Doodly-produced video; you can buy more, but that adds to the cost…

The Scartoons solution is this: whiteboard videos that are drawn bespoke. Whatever the business, whatever the sector, Scartoons makes whiteboard videos that are unique to the customer. The video can be edited, fine-tuned, and all sorts of animation effects can be included beyond simple whiteboard drawing.

Best of all, I really enjoy creating them! The drawing and the animations are fun to do and look great when they’re finished. It’s hard, but someone has to love what they do everyday!..

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