Visual minutes helps with training

Drawing visual minutes for Danfoss

Last week I was invited to minute some sales training at the fabulous Cranage Hall in Holmes Chapel. It was a lovely venue to work at, not least because I didn’t need to set up my portable wall to minute on (they had provided a rail on which I could attach the screens)

My client, Danfoss, is a very successful engineering firm, open to new ideas like Visual Minutes. On this occasion, I was illustrating their sales training, which was being lead by Roy Johnson from Sandler.

There was so much to cover – the techniques involved in sales require skill and knowledge – and for some this was a steep learning curve. I had lovely feedback from the group, comments about how the pictorial aspect of the Visual Minutes made each step more clear and memorable. I look forward to seeing how well the combination of Sandler Sales training and Scartoons Visual Minutes helps affect the sales figures of Danfoss!

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