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This lockdown has certainly lasted, hasn’t it? Currently, the events industry is just about picking itself up and checking for broken limbs, etc and wondering if it’s safe to start back up.

Live events are fantastic for me: I really enjoy doing them: meeting people, interacting, drawing them. I love the personal service I can provide and the chance to make memories.

Virtual meetings have become popular and could be here to stay for a bit. Virtual events are now becoming a realistic prospect, so people are looking for ways to add value to these and make them memorable.

But how does a caricaturist get involved in this?

The good news is that the technology barrier has now been broken. I have developed a process of live drawing caricatures that can be done virtually. Events companies like GoToLive are already taking advantage of the possibilities. Check out these video examples:

Meetings, conferences, trade shows and so on are an important part of marketing for many businesses, and I feel there is a place for gimmicks to enliven these and make them special. This is where live caricatures fit in.

There are many advantages to caricaturing online. Firstly, there is less travelling involved (think fuel emissions, time savings); secondly, I get to draw electronically, using a graphic tablet. I have many more tools at my disposal in this way: quick colouring, a variety of pens, layering, etc.

So next time you’re at a virtual event, look out for that guy in the corner paying great attention to the monitor – he could be a caricaturist sending you your own digital caricature very soon!

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