Taking a breather

This Sunday I finished my last race of the season. It was a sprint duathlon round a wet, but rather pleasant race track: 5km of running, 25km bike followed by another 5km of run. 2020 has been rather a washout of a season overall: Covid has put paid to most events, seeing the majority, including my marathon attempt, postponed to next year.

However, I did get in four real life races and three virtual races, and it’s been pleasing to see my pace on bike and run improving slightly. Nevertheless, this hasn’t been the most enjoyable of years.

So it’s time for a couple of weeks off heavy training before I start again on building base fitness ready for 2021.

These two weeks are important. The body needs time to recover: although I’ve not competed much this year, training still takes its toll on the body, and as a bloke of over 50 years of age, I need to be careful not to overdo things!

The Covid crisis has kind of done the same thing to my business, and to many people’s businesses. It’s forced us to take a break. In triathlon training this will be useful, and in the world of Scartoons it’s actually been an opportunity. See, I get bored easily and having to change the services Scartoons has to offer has been invigorating: developing animated videos isn’t something I would have done necessarily if the crisis hadn’t hit. As it is, I’ve found creating these really quite fun and rewarding.

Also, with events moving into the virtual world, it has been a challenge to keep going with caricatures and visual minutes. So having to adapt to these going online has been a refreshing challenge.

It’s not without its pains: business-wise I’ll do less well financially while I make the transition. Triathlon-wise, I’ll likely put on 1-2kg in weight while I rest up. However, come November I’ll be back on those long runs, gyms sessions and 4 hour rides which are great for burning fat so it won’t be too hard to lose it again. And once I’ve sorted the virtual products, Scartoons will come back stronger too!

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