Styles of caricatures – which one suits you?

Choosing a style of drawing for your caricature depends on several factors. If I’m drawing you at an event, you’ll get a standard “park caricature” like this:

Park style caricature

The drawing takes between 2 and 4 minutes per face, depending on how much hair you have (beards take longer!)

However, I do a lot of commissioned work, too. This is nice for me as I get a bit more time to really get into the drawing. It’s also nice for the client as they can choose exactly how they’d like the drawing to look, and we can add personal traits, clothing, backgrounds, etc. Prices start at £30 each.

Here are a few examples:

There’s a variety of styles here, from the digital to the drawn, from coloured to black and white. The simplest is the Ed Byrne cartoonish-style caricature, done in pen (not a great photo, I’m sorry). Cara Delevingne’s drawing is done in charcoal and gives more depth. The black and white digital portrait is of Daniel Radcliffe (sans wand). Some people like the B&W look, whilst others like a digital coloured portrait such as the Jean Reno pic. Sometimes I can add a bit of the person’s character into the drawing, such as the Trump image, showing his true nature. Finally, we have the David Tennant, done in pencil (again, not a great photo), where details can really be worked on.

Of course, there’s also drawings for special occasions, such as the following commission. The cartoons decorating the border depict personal details about the couple. This makes a super gift!

So what sort of caricature image suits you?

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