Some thoughts

It’s a funny thing how life turns out.

I had been contacted to do some illustrations for a book; I was happily doodling away at some ideas when it struck me.

That word:


Yes, illustrating is part of my job: people pay me money to draw things. But the money isn’t actually the main reason I do this. I’ll give some examples:

The round of applause my students gave me as I turned up to Kidsgrove Care Services to run my weekly art session this week…

The smile on the child who invented “Sophamma the Clever Worm”…

The solicitor who went away with a framed cartoon of her cat searching the internet (to see if its Youtube video had gone viral)…

The finished mural filled with dinosaurs that adorns a little boy’s bedroom…

The thanks from the Rotary Club at the end of their meeting (for which I’d done the visual minutes). The minutes had helped them concentrate ideas into a focused concept for a presentation…

…and I got a buzz every single time. Imagine having a job when you get this nearly every time you do a bit of work! Scartoons is about bringing creativity to people’s lives. It’s about drawings.

But mostly, it’s about happiness!


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