Scartoons goes digital

I used to have problems with computers, especially with drawing programs.

See, I’ve always been rather a pen and paper guy: I never touched a graphics tablet until recently. So about a year and half ago I experimented with digital artwork and, inevitably, doing cartoons this way.

I tried (don’t laugh) “Paint” at first – it was ready installed and drew with a mouse. Of course, this was an epic fail and the quality was hopeless. So I progressed through packages such as ArtRage, Manga Studio and – inevitably – Adobe Illustrator.

Greg Wallace and Sting show the results. Greg’s was done via Illustrator and Sting done on Manga Studio (because I still like it!). The Adobe suite takes a lot of getting used to and it’s all counter-intuitive. I guess the developers just wanted people to earn the right to use it, or something!

Anyway, I practised and practised until I could produce quality stuff. Initial efforts with earlier software were pixelated or low res. I remember upsetting a couple of clients with the digital quality as I struggled to get the quality. Happily, I learnt from mistakes and my latest digital work has helped my become a member of the Cartoonists Club of Great Britain!

So my journey into digital art has been long and full of errors, but Scartoons is now at a point where I can offer a high quality product with either traditional or digital means: vectorised images, logos, etc included.

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