Scartoons and Inktober

Followers on Social media will have noticed my departure from posting caricatures over October. The simple reason is: I like a challenge.

Inktober is a challenge to come up with an ink drawing every single day in October. Each day has its own prompt, and the artist is invited to submit a drawing per day. The important word is “invited”: some artists get a bit stressed coming up with a drawing every day that truly reflects their talents. For some, it’s a competition for likes; others it’s a chance to show off.

Here’s the prompt list:

I treat Inktober as a challenge to myself. Each day has a random prompt, on which I draw a cartoon. I could spend several hours coming up with a more detailed piece of art, but I like the idea of trying to come up with a quick joke based on the prompt. Firstly, it stretches my brain; and secondly it is much quicker to do a cartoon (as I’m usually too busy trying to keep up with drawing for paying clients!)

I suggest you check out the artwork submitted. is the link, and you can follow on Instagram with the hashtag #inktober.

To save you the bother of searching for my stuff, here are a few of the cartoons I submitted:

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