Sample virtual visual minutes

What with meetings and training now being done over the internet via things like Zoom and Teams, can Visual Minutes still take place? Answer: yes, they can. And they’re even better!

Through some clever IT wizardry, Scartoons did its first Virtual Visual Minutes at a Health and Safety training session today. And I had a lovely testimonial from the trainer. The nice thing is that the minutes are now digital: cleaner lines, more colour, easier to see. Moreover, we can zoom in and out of the mindmap easily to add more detail and link ideas. All of which makes the whole thing more effective and helps communication!

Here’s the testimonial and the final picture:


Thank you for providing the visual minutes for our training session this morning all the attendees felt it was a great way to get their attention and were intrigued so it has really helped to get the message across and, more so for what was discussed to be remembered so thank you for your excellent work.

I will definitely be using your services again in the future and will let others know about the service you offer as I would have no hesitation in recommending you.

Best Regards


Darren Bedson
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