Out of the Blue

I was contacted out of the blue yesterday by an old friend who I’ve not heard from in over 10 years.

I was at university with Kate back in my dim and distant youth; we were on the same degree course in the same year. It seems she’s organising a reunion of everyone from that group of students sometime in the New Year.

It got me wondering about my old friends and what they’ve all got up to.

Some, like me, went into teaching. Are they still in the profession? Some of them were active in sports; maybe we’ve all succumbed to middle-age spread? In uni, we were 20-somethings; how much of our personalities have changed now that we’re approaching 50?

And what do I tell them about my exploits? Do I mention the project with Big Clever Learning where I’m designing art lessons to be used nationally in schools? Do I mention my first book, or even the soon-to-be-published second? Do I draw caricatures of everyone?

Will they even recognise me?

I’m really quite excited and looking forward to it now. A bolt from the past brings so much unknown with it. Who knows what opportunities and possibilities it will bring?

Oh, and for those waiting for the artwork: Snow’s on its way…

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