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Another month and Scartoons has been out and about in the lovely weather. I feel quite fortunate that I get to be drawing outside when the sun is shining! Plenty of caricatures to show for it, including a chance to draw Grant Leightonfrom Hitmix 107.5 on the Roadshow!


Various events, fayres, weddings, etc have been keeping me busy over the last few weeks; so it’s nice to get a bit of a weekend off for a change.

I have been asked one question quite frequently recently; that is: “How do you draw so fast and yet accurately?”. The asker tends to be young and an enthusiastic drawer themselves, and they are looking for a secret formula. Well, there is one:


It’s surprising how good you can get at something if you devote yourself to doing it. “Just keep drawing,” I tell them, “and try and make the next drawing better than the last…oh, and be patient!” But that’s all the secret it, really.

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