New studio!

It took much angst: blood, sweat and tears, but at last we managed the incredible:

Scartoons has a new studio!

Look, I love drawing stuff. I run art workshops, give private tuition in art, draw cartoons, do “proper” art, draw caricatures, draw visual minutes.

I just hate organising office space. It’s boring work and doesn’t involve drawing anything. Which is why it’s taken such a long time. Being in lockdown hasn’t helped, but luckily I live in the same household as someone who is rather good at this sort of thing. Trouble is, I’ve been a bit of a hindrance in the process. Thus what should have taken a day has run on a bit…

The problem is twofold.

Firstly, the paper with the words on. I have a lot of these and I don’t much like reading them. That’s why they can live in my “to do” tray for ages before I actually deal with them. So logging the invoices, expenses, etc is a chore and one I avoid. This explains why it’s taken so long to get them all filed!

Secondly, the paper with the pictures on. I have loads of these and I love them all. Trouble is, there are loads and loads of them and tidying them isn’t so easy. When I come across an old drawing or picture it often sets me off with ideas for new things. So I go off and draw when I should be filing.

Anyway, things are now much tidier – the new studio is much better arranged and we’re good to get going!

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