My New Year’s Resolutions

Hello January 2017! Cheer up, you lot! Christmas may be over but the new year is ripe with possibilities!
So now January’s here, Scartoons has been busy making plans for the next 12 months…
Which leads me on to resolutions:

Actually, I haven’t had this approach: my resolutions are much fewer and are simpler. Some are fitness goals (like the target of cycling 3000 miles over the year), and some are Scartoons based.

One resolution is to get a “How to” video out every fortnight on Youtube. I’m starting January with “How to draw a monster” I’m also sending out newsletters to Scartoons fans. If you haven’t yet signed up for these, click here . Every issue will have a new cartoon in, as well as news about what Scartoons is up to (that I might not put in the blog).

If you’d like a cartoon based on your resolutions, add a comment and I’ll include it in the next post!

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