The dreaded C word!

It’s nearly Christmas and everyone’s looking for an original gift.

I’ve had a couple of commissions for presents for people: caricatures done to order. I think they make rather lovely gifts, and it’s been a pleasure drawing them knowing they’ll be well appreciated.

Other than that, Scartoons has been busy lately with all sorts, including:

  • An animation cartoon workshop at Wavemaker, Stoke. This was great: a chance to teach kids how to make moving cartoon images!
  • Another art workshop. We did an activity using bubble painting to create some awesome characters.
  • Filming in London. I’ve been contracted by Big Clever Learning Ltd to design a series of art lessons to be used in schools. I visitied Rooster Studios in London last week to film the lessons. These will serve as exemplar art activities for schools to use in art lessons. The product launches officially in the New Year. Very exciting times!


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