It’s not everyday you get to meet a gold-medal-=winning swimmer

It’s been a lovely day up at Hillside Primary, where I had the pleasure of working with a fab bunch of Y5 kids. The session was part of a project arranged by Cox Bank Publishing, and involved Unleash Arts, some comic art students, and Paralympic gold medallist, Jenny Booth (all of whom are in the photo).

I was unleashed upon a class of Y5s, who threw themselves with gusto into the afternoon’s cartooning. We worked on cartoons of water-based animals: dolphins, turtles, and the like. The children were fantastic – supportive of each others’ efforts and willing to have a go at all the drawings.

As a result, the cartoons they produced were rather good!

A big thank you to Peter Hooper for organising the day, and to the Head Teacher at Hillside for her hospitality.

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