How To Draw

It occurred to me during today’s art workshop that drawing is all about perspective.

I get told so often by people: “I can’t draw”. And these people really believe it. They do. I even heard it from one of the kids in the art club today. And yet, by the end of the session, every child had accomplished a successful piece of artwork.

Some got there quickly.

Some took longer.

But they all did it.

I suppose drawing is much like many things in life: it is tempting to say that because it takes longer to do something, that that thing is “impossible” for an individual. I guess the perspective I mean isn’t the artistic technique (which I may do a video on soon!) itself, more the viewpoint of the person themselves.

Because we can all draw: even if it doesn’t come easily to some.

In this repsect, today’s video is on “How to Draw a Snail”:

Snail video

Go on: have a go. You know you want to!

Just to finish, here’s a caricature of Taylor Swift:

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