How Scartoons is helping a Paralympic medallist

Who else does Scartoons draw for? Well, I’ve blogged many times about the school workshops, the caricatures, the social media drawings and the animations, but did I mention kayaks?

Ian Marsden is a member of the GB Paralympic team, who won a medal at Rio 2016 in the KL1 kayaking event. He’s an absolute sporting superstar and a brilliant role-model. I met him this week for a chat, when he told me about his amazing time in Rio and the incredible training schedule he has (we actually met while he was between two training sessions). The man has represented his country in powerlifting, shooting and kayaking and trains for hours every day. I was frankly in awe of his focus and dedication to his sport.

So why were we meeting? Ian has asked me to draw cartoon designs for his new kayak, ready for European and World-class competitions. That’s right, hopefully soon there will be a kayak with Scartoons-designed cartoons on it representing the country in major international competition.

It’s a real honour for me to be asked to do these designs, so I’m off to the drawing board now! (and later I might go for a training run! I didn’t tell Ian how much I train in a week: he probably does that much in a morning!)

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