Don’t dance in the garden, Dad

Good news! Book no. 2 is on its way!

Above is one of the pages of “See Dad Dance” and if you were wondering what to buy someone for Christmas, have no worries: this book will soon be out!

The first question you’ll be asking, of course, is “what’s for dinner?”, closely followed by “What? Is this based on a real story? Do you dance in the garden?”.

Well, that’s few questions to answer. Firstly, I don’t know but it smells nice; secondly, no I don’t dance in the garden, but my children haven’t misbehaved that badly yet.

Dad in the book doesn’t just dance in the garden, he dances in the supermarket and, eventually, online. I see it as an oppressed father who is denied his dream of performing. My daughter sees it as another reason to have me sectioned.

So go and buy it when it comes out!!

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