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A to Z of caricatures

Scartoons does a range of caricaturing styles. Here's an A to Z of famous people showing off some styles...

I do detailed caricatures, which take a bit of time but have shading, depth and look more fancy. These can be exaggerated subtly or more grossly, depending on what is needed. At events, I stick to the "park style" drawings, which take about 5 minutes each. 

Anthony Hopkins (charcoal, detailed caricature)Bill Murray (charcoal pencil, detailed caricature)Brad Pitt (pencil, detailed caricature)Clint Eastwood (conte pencil) Davina McCall (charcoal stick) Daniel Craig (pencil)Donald Sutherland (charcoal pencil)  Dwayne Johnson (conte pencil) Ellen Degeneres (soft pencil)   Frank Sinatra (charcoal stick Griff Rhys Jones (black pro-marker, park style caricature)  Greg Davies (promarker, park caricature)    )Holly Willoughby (pencil)Sir Ian McKellern (soft charcoal stick) Ice T (charcoal pencil) Idris Elba (pencil) John Humphrys (pencil)  Jermy Paxman  (charcoal stick)     Keifer Sutherland (pencil, portrait style)  Lewis Hamilton (pencil, park style caricature with a bit more time)   Mick Jagger (pencil)  Nicholas Cage (conte pencil)  Olivia Coleman (pencil, detailed portrait caricature)  Sir Paul McCartney (pencil, park style caricature) Robin Williams (pencil, exaggerated caricature)  Ringo Starr (charcoal pencil)  Sean Connery (portrait-style caricature with charcoal stick)  Stephen Fry (charcoal pencil with blender)

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