Caricature or cartoon? Scartoons does both

This week, I thought I’d talk a bit about how Scartoons works in the world of corporate entertainment and birthday parties.
I’m often described as a “caricaturist” and introduced to people as such when I do such events. I really don’t mind: caricature is a skilled art with many superb exponents.
It’s not that I don’t do caricature – I do; but I Scartoons offers a unique service that is more than caricature.
I like to talk to people: get to know them. When I draw cartoons for people, these are of people in a cartoon.
Think of that excellent TV show, The Simpsons. Famous people appear on The Simpsons in the form of a simplistic cartoon/caricature of themselves. You know who it is fairly quickly through what the celebrity says/does moreso than what they look like. The caricature isn’t going to win any prizes for fine art, yet the celebrity is expertly presented in the programme – their mannerisms, speech, general features all cleverly represented.
Scartoons cartoons are a bit like that: I draw people doing things they like doing, with people they know. The cartoon is very personal, more than just an image of the person, it gives their personality.
Occasionally, I am asked to just to a caricature drawing (I’m quite happy to do these) or even a portrait (these take a bit of time!), but the numerous happy customers get a cartoon they can relate to.
And keep as a memento of a memorable occasion.
Anyway, here’s a cartoon for you iphone lovers out there:

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