Book Launch “Dad Seriously”

What a day! 9th November was a momentous day for the world: it saw the launch of my first book: “Dad, Seriously”.

The journey to get it released has been a long, exciting one. It all started in June when, after a typical discussion about stuff with my teenage daughter, I drew some cartoons about how embarrassing a dad could be. I seem to remember the words: “It’s illegal for you to say ‘I totally bossed that like a boss’ ever. At all” were spoken, followed by some comment about talking to her friends was really embarrassing.
I drew a few more and – in the midst of wondering whether my children would do Father’s Day – I considered whether this would make for a good book. One people might actually buy.
I decided to look into the possibility of writing and publishing a book within two weeks, in time for Father’s Day. It transpires that it was virtually impossible to do it all inside a fortnight, but quite possible to do in 6 months.
I asked for advice from several people. Through these discussions, I discovered the routes for getting a book out there: ‘being picked up by a publisher’ and self-publishing.
I chose self-publishing and print-on-demand as the most cost-efficient way of doing a book.
I was ably assisted in the whole process by Sian-Elin Flint-Freel, a copywriter who specialises in helping people self-publish. She guided me through getting the book on Ingram Spark, printing through Lightning Source, working with AK Creative to do the graphics, and organising the book launch. book-launch
The picture shows myself at the launch next to Shirley Way from Taurean Solutions. More about them in another post!
So the book is published. I’ve sold over 50 copies so far; some in USA through Ingram Spark, some at the launch, some through other channels. I’m in the process of getting the book into Waterstones (halfway through the long, arduous process), and I’m just sorting out some book signings.
The question “Are you doing a sequel?” has been asked of me repeatedly. The answer is “yes”. Mainly because I want to, but also because I bought 10 ISBN numbers and I want to use up the other 9 at some point!
If anyone has a subject for a sequel, why not let me know in the comments section of this blog.

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