Back up and running

It’s been some time since I posted: mainly because so much has been going on it’s been hard to keep up with it all.

The wonderful thing about running Scartoons is that no two days are the same. This also makes organising things a nightmare at times! (But I’m not complaining)

In short, there has been much happening in all aspects of Scartoons – the visual minutes, the cartoon book, the commissioned drawings, cartoon workshops…

The big change is moving into the new business address at Wavemaker, The Mitchell Arts Centre, Hanley. In fact, I’m blogging from that very place right now!

Last week I was invited to Visually Minute for MQNF at the County Showground in Stafford to an audience of a couple of hundred people.
I’m minuting at the FSB at the end of March too.

The MQNF conference was there to help Care Providers recruit new staff. Followers of the blog will know about my work with Kidsgrove Care Solutions, where we made some snazzy clay pots in our recent sessions:

On top of that I met the Lord Mayor of Stoke, and the charming Lee Matthews – both of whom received an individualised cartoon!

The sequel to “Dad, Seriously” is also well on its way – the first draft is done, and I’m looking to get it out in time for Father’s Day!

Not to mention the upcoming school cartoon workshops!

Back to work…

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