Out and about

  Another month and Scartoons has been out and about in the lovely weather. I feel quite fortunate that I get to be drawing outside when the sun is shining! Plenty of caricatures to show for it, including a chance to draw Grant Leightonfrom Hitmix 107.5 on the Roadshow!   Various events, fayres, weddings, etc […]

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A to Z of caricatures

Over the last few days, Scartoons has been working through the alphabet drawing caricatures of celebrities – one for each letter. The subjects were mostly chosen at random: I simply started typing into Google to see who came up. Some were done in response to suggestions from Scartoon fans on social media. It was a […]

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Mayday! Mayday!

Mayda… oh, it’s gone. Never mind, let’s get on with the rest of May. Another month gone and it’s time for an update! This weekend Scartoons was a Audley Medieval Fayre, doing caricatures and meeting lots of fab people (like the ones in the pic) who wanted their faces drawn! Some of you may not […]

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Visual minutes

Visual what? I hear some of you ask. Don’t worry if you’ve not heard of Visual Minutes yet: it’s a concept that’s rapidly growing in popularity. Take an event, conference, meeting: a lot of people will attend and important things will take place, or important things said. So how much will the visitors remember. That’s […]

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