British Values and cartoons

This post begins with a tribute to Dame Vera Lynn.

I thought, this week, I’d talk about a recent cartoon workshop.

This one was at Clarice Cliff Primary, where the workshop had the theme of “British Values” (hence the speech bubbles containing statements of British Values). We all had a great time, and the staff were kind enough to give some feedback:
Thank you so much for coming in to school. There was a definite buzz around school between your lessons. Teachers said every single person, even the reluctant ones were drawing and participating. They said that you managed the behaviour well and soon recognised the more challenging pupils. The session was really good and you even kept those hard to keep on task fully engaged.Even the children that said they could not draw you gave clear instructions to and they managed to produce something. It was accessible to everyone. The session was brilliant and kept everyone engaged. You’ve inspired a teacher to run a cartoon drawing club at lunchtimes.

My favourite bit was this “Ghost Worm” character – who can’t love a worm like this!?

In other news, Scartoons has been asked, along with two other artists, to develop an art & design scheme of work for a top educational publishing company. This involves creating lessons and videos for use in schools all over the country. All very exciting! I’ll keep you all posted how it goes…

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