Exciting times for Scartoons!

Since #shakespearesunday is trending on Twitter. today’s cartoon is Scottish-play-based.

The quiet period of the new year has given Scartoons time to reflect and the opportunity to relaunch some parts of the business. So here are some things to watch out for in the coming months:

  1. Scartoons now offers caricaturing as a party entertainment option. 
  2. Watch out for the new video that explains how Scartoons can bring cartoon awesomeness to any event. Coming soon, courtesy of SharedMedia.tv
  3. School cartoon workshops are also changing! I’m working with local printers to create a new package for schools where they can create a professional print-quality comic that the school can sell. Again, watch this space.
  4. Visual minutes: I’m doing the visual minutes for MQNF in March at Stafford Showground.

It’s all very exciting!

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