The dreaded C word!

It’s nearly Christmas and everyone’s looking for an original gift. I’ve had a couple of commissions for presents for people: caricatures done to order. I think they make rather lovely gifts, and it’s been a pleasure drawing them knowing they’ll be well appreciated. Other than that, Scartoons has been busy lately with all sorts, including: […]

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More scenery, more drawings.

This week saw Scartoons at The Gingerbread Ball: a worthwhile charity that helps families through difficult circumstances. It was a pleasure to meet some of the people helped by the charity, as well as the local businesses generously contributing to the excellent work. Scartoons was on hand to draw caricatures for guests at the Ball. […]

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How to make a rock look rocky!

It’s not a real boulder made of granite, it’s a stage prop. Scartoons is involved again in helping Stoke Youth Musical Theatre Company with their latest production. This week I’ve been making this giant boulder. It actually weighs less than a kilogram and uses modroc and paint to create the stone effect. The Stoke Youth […]

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More caricatures!

This week saw Scartoons guesting at RWM at the NEC in Birmingham, courtesy of the lovely people at KNS! Whilst there Simon was kept busy at the stand drawing caricatures for all and sundry. A few kind people gave their permission for their caricatures to appear on this blog (photos below, folks!) Caricatures are becoming […]

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I don’t believe it!

I don’t believe it! Don’t panic: I’ve not suddenly turned old and curmudgeonly like Mr Meldrew! It’s just my surprise and shock that a whole month has passed since I last posted. And so much has happened… Like a certain Justin Gatlin, I’ve been chasing gold (and I’ve not been tempted by any performance enhancements!!). […]

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