More caricatures!

This week saw Scartoons guesting at RWM at the NEC in Birmingham, courtesy of the lovely people at KNS! Whilst there Simon was kept busy at the stand drawing caricatures for all and sundry. A few kind people gave their permission for their caricatures to appear on this blog (photos below, folks!) Caricatures are becoming […]

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I don’t believe it!

I don’t believe it! Don’t panic: I’ve not suddenly turned old and curmudgeonly like Mr Meldrew! It’s just my surprise and shock that a whole month has passed since I last posted. And so much has happened… Like a certain Justin Gatlin, I’ve been chasing gold (and I’ve not been tempted by any performance enhancements!!). […]

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What’s new?

Is it that time already? It seems July started only yesterday and already it’s nearly over. Time for a quick blog! How can time go so fast? Well, I’ve been a bit busy: The Scartoonifier has been in action in Stone (pic below) I’ve been muraling in Cumbria:   As well as the art classes, […]

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Iggy Pop meets Gary Barlow…

It’s not often that two great music icons meet face to face. And today isn’t one of those occasions. But at least their caricatures get to feature next to each other on the same page in the same blog. Maybe if they released a single: “Lust for Sing”?, “Let me go, you real wild child”? […]

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Art classes

  Here are three stone faces; the result of a recent art project. They’re not really stone – if you’d like to know how we made them, here’s the process of ¬†turning newspaper, cardboard and paper into a stone-effect mask in photos. My art classes at Kidsgrove Care Services produced these masks – a collaborative […]

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